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Energy for All,  2012 Resource Guide

All Ad Spaces Filled! 

Theme: Energy For All
Partner: Northampton Energy & Sustainability Commission
In-Home Delivery Dates:  Early August 2012

Publisher/Editor: Prakash Laufer
Associate Editor: Erica Silber
Designer: Seth Gregory
Printer: Hadley Printing

Format: 8.5 x 11 inches – 60# paper – Recycled Paper
Pages: 32
Color: 4 Color 
Print quantity: 16,000
Advertising Content: 8 pages

Distribution: Mailed to every residence and business in Northampton,Florence & Leeds. This includes: 9,687 owner occupied homes, 2,226 apartments, 1,927 businesses and 1070 PO Boxes. 14,968 Total Mailed + Balance distributed locally.