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Energy for All/Summer 2012
Sustainable Northampton 

The City of Northampton partnered with us to produce a 32-page issue outlining the programs that constitute the City’s Sustainable Northampton Comprehensive Plan. Working in close partnership with the Northampton Energy and Sustainability Commission, we provided extensive writing, editing and design consultation to help them communicate the accomplishments of the plan and assist readers in navigating the steps to participate in a variety of energy-saving programs. Together Northampton provided an economical, high-quality outreach strategy for the City to inform the entire everyone of it’s progress and enhance participation.


Food for All/Summer 2011
Grow Food Northampton 

Our first 16-page issue was the product of a collaboration with Grow Food Northampton following their successful capital campaign to purchase 121 acres of farmland along the Mill River in Florence. The site, which includes the Northampton Community Farm and the Florence Organic Community Garden, was acquired in an effort to expand access to fresh produce within Northampton, provide community access and education on the land, and build a model for land stewardship that serves the farmers, the land and the community. Together Northampton’s ability to provide design and publishing consultation and assist with ad placement allowed Grow Food Northampton to fulfill their goal of publishing their accomplishments and broadcasting it to the community that their mission seeks to serve.